Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Stolen from Sarbear who stole it from Anne. Thanks guys. :)

What is something you dislike about yourself? My utter lack of self-discipline/motivation.
What is something you do well? I've always been sorta proud of how I do makeup. It sounds frivolous, which I guess it kinda is, but people always like how their makeup turns out when I do it. And I guess I think I can carry a tune and strum a guitar a little.
What is your favorite room in your home and why? Considering we live in a teeny-weeny apartment, I guess my favourite is the living room. Who says extra-curriculars are restricted to the bedroom, Sarbear??? :D
What is a good neighbor? Someone who is friendly but not too friendly. I don't like to stop to try to make small talk for 10 minutes in the hall.
What is your favorite time of day? When The Boy has been asleep for a few minutes, and I'm getting tired, I put my book on my bedside table, and turn out the lamp. He snuggles in, and tells me lots of nice things, like how much he loves me and how empty his life would be without me. He's still half-asleep, and doesn't remember saying these things when morning comes, but it's still SUPER sweet.
What is your idea of a dull evening? Watching a horror movie. The Boy loves them, so I watch them with him, but I usually hate them. I like the cuddling part though. :)
What is the best way to treat meddlesome people? Ignore them.
What is something you are optimistic about? The wedding.
What is something you are pessimistic about? Surgery.
What is something that makes you feel happy? Family and friend. And, as horrible as it sounds, material things. Hey, I'm a Taurus. Why try to fight it?
What is your most indispensable possession and why? I would say my engagement ring, but it's replaceable. My pictures (digital and otherwise) are not. So I guess my pictures.
What is your favorite song and why? The song I originally wanted to be our first dance, "At Last" by Etta James, was stolen by A&G. Damn them! So I guess now I really like, "Fly," by the Wilkinsons. It's a country song, but very cute. Look up the lyrics. It's how I feel about The Boy. He's truly a gift.
What is the best birthday present you ever received? The hot air balloon ride!
What is the best birthday present you could receive? A trip.
What is something that makes you feel sad? Thinking of the family and friends with whom I've lost touch. It hurts every day. I've got some forgiving to do (them and me).
What is your favorite book and why? Miss Wyoming by Douglas Coupland. Great Canadian author I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago. I like this book in particular because it has some really cool similes: "Sweating like a pitcher of lemonade," and "her touch was like salve on a burn he didn't know he had." Coupland kicks ass. Do yourself a favour and check him out.
What is something that really bugs you? Shopping for clothes.
What is something that really makes you angry? Shopping for clothes.
What is the best advice you ever received? Just be the best T you can be. Thanks, C.
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas. I used to get the blues at Christmas, because I was always single. Now though, I LOVE the holidays, and doing the lights tours together. :)
What is your favorite day of the week? Sunday, The Boy's only day off. We try to do something special every week.
What is your favorite month and why? August. Great weather, lots of fun stuff to do.
Name three bad habits you have: Procrastinating, eating, watching too much tv.
Name three scents you love: Perfume (most kinds), kitties, and The Boy.
Name something you'd never wear: Fur
Name 3 animals you like: Kitties, doggies, and monkeys
Name four television shows you love: Trading Spouses, Amazing Race 5, Perfect Proposal and The Casino
Name 2 bands/genres most people don't know you like: Janet Jackson (during her Rhythm Nation phase) and Richard Marx always :D
Name 3 drinks you regularly drink: Coke, water and milk
Name Three random facts about yourself: I'm 4'10", but considered tall by my doctors. I've had approximately 100 bone fractures since birth (and I have scoliosis too, Sarbear!). I won my guitar in a talent contest when I was 16.
Name 2 random facts about your family: My dad lost the first two fingers on his right hand while he worked at Cavendish Farms, years ago. He repaired the machines, but they weren't allowed to turn them off to work on them back then. So they were cut off in the french-fry belt. LOL That's fact #1. #2 is that I lived with my grandparents until I was 4, so my uncles are more like brothers to me.
Have you ever...
1) Fallen for your Best Friend? Yes
2) Made out with JUST a friend? No
3) Been rejected or heartbroken? Yes
4) Been in love? Yes
5) Been in lust? Yes
6) Used someone? I probably have. I was pretty selfish when I was younger.
7) Been used? Yes
8) Cheated on someone? No
9) Been cheated on? Yes
10) Done something you regret? Absolutely
Who was the last person…
11) You touched? The Boy
12) You talked to? RM
13) You hugged? Little Guy (not a person, but still)
14) You instant messaged? Kleh
15) You yelled at? Maceo
16) You laughed with? The Boy
17) You had a crush on? Paul Brandt
18) Who broke your heart? MH, LB, TM,
Do you..
19) Colour your hair? Yes. Just did on the weekend, and it came out WAY too dark. The Boy tried to do highlights for me, but they didn't turn out at all. The top of my head is practically orange, and the rest is like purple!!! :D
20) Have tattoos? No, but I'm considering getting a Tudor flower on my pelvis. I just don't want that whole disrobing part. Or the pain part.
21) Have piercings? Just 5 in my ears. Would like to do my nose, or my bellybutton if I were thin.
22) Own a web cam? Yes.
23) Have AOL? No.
24) What should you be doing right now? Working
25) What are you listening to? The Tragically Hip on Much More Retro.
27) Chicken or fish? Chicken, most days.
28) Do you have a favourite animal? Kitties or doggies.
29) Is ice cream the best thing in the world? Nope. If we're talking about desserts, then it's definitely chocolate paté from La Costa.
1. What would your dream date be? Going on a tour of the Tower of London, then out to a fancy dinner that required dressing up, and then theatre. :D
2. Single flower or a dozen? Single
3. Silver, gold or platinum? Silver or white gold
4. Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? In a restaurant. I'm all about exhibitionism. :)
5. Roses or wild flowers? Wildflowers
6. Silly or serious romance? Both. Each has its appropriate moments.
7. Marvin Gaye or Barry White? Marvin Gaye
8. Do you consider yourself a romantic? Yes
9. Who else would you like to see fill out this survey? I'm not sending it out.
Shy? Nope.
Quiet? Nope.
Boring? Yup.
Funny? Some people think I am. Not many though. :)
The Lovey Dovey type? Absolutely.
Dissected something? Yes, in biology
Drank? Yes
Cut your hair? Yes
Kissed someone? Yes
Missed someone? Yes
Told someone you love them? Yes
Met someone new? Yes
What CD is in your CD player right now? Nothing. I listen to MP3s or have digital music channels on tv.
Q. Who is your favourite Spice Girl? Sporty
Q. Favourite Disney Characters? Genie from Aladdin
Q. Favourite fast food? Wendy's
Q. Favourite book? I answered this already! Miss Wyoming. Or something by Jane Austen. Doesn't matter which. :)
Q. Favourite Sports athlete? I hate sports.
Q. Favourite song? I answered this already too. But there's an ad on tv these days with a song that says, "Tooooooday is your lucky day," and The Boy always sings it. He does it to make me laugh... He says, "Tuuuuuuuuuuuuesday is your lucky day." :D
Q. What is your shoe size? One is a 6 1/2 and the other is 5 1/2. It sucks, especially when trying to buy sandals or open-toed shoes.
Q. What will you be when you grow up? I don't know yet. Hopefully a happy wife and mother, God willing.


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