Thursday, October 07, 2004

So yeah, I deleted some pictures and comments and stuff. I get paranoid when I think of the stuff people could find in here if they knew who I was. Makes me kinda feel like I have to censor myself, which defeats the purpose of having a blog.

Thanks to the girlies who commented. Nice to hear from all of you, and it's very nice to know that you're all still here, and that there are some newbies too. Please keep commenting. Makes me more likely to write.

I can't remember if I mentioned this last time, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but I called my mom at the end of August and kinda said that I didn't want to be mad at her anymore... that I wanted my mom back, etc. Of course, we cried a lot, and I pretended that I could put everything behind me, and leave everything in the past. I didn't know I was pretending at the time. I thought I could really do that. Now, weeks later, I know it wasn't realistic. I've talked to her twice since then. Both times, I've found myself rolling my eyes every two seconds, when she mentions how sad she is or how Granddad won't talk to her, or how blah blah blah. I do feel bad for her, because I know she's got a lot on her shoulders right now, but I also know that she's got no one to blame but herself. If she'd just left my dad, no one would be as angry as they are. She decided to lie, and that's what's pissed everyone off.

So yeah, Granddad's brother passed away. I feel really bad for him. There aren't many of them left. I don't think I ever met him (Arnold), but I feel bad for Granddad. Anyway, he (the brother) lived in Woodstock, which is about 45 minutes from us so, since Granddad and S came from PEI to go to the funeral, we went to Woodstock to go to the viewing and to see Granddad. He kicks so much arse. As we were arriving at the funeral home, he and G were coming out for a cigarette. As I was walking toward him, he threw his freshly lit cigarette on the ground, and said, "There's my sweetie..." and gave me the biggest hug ever. It's so funny... before my mom and I came into the family, he never hugged or kissed or said, "I love you." Now, he's so affectionate. Told me how great I looked, how proud of me he was... And it wasn't just the emotion of the circumstance either. Point being, I love my granddad. It was so awesome to see him, and so hard to say goodbye.

I want to get my teeth bonded and whitened. When I had my tooth fixed the other day, the dentist also mentioned that I could have those two things done relatively cheaply. Especially with a wedding coming up. I would love to have perfect teeth. My teeth aren't bad by any means. I've never had a cavity. I had a retainer when I was a kid, so they're really straight... there are just lots of gaps between them, and they're yellow-ish. No, not from smoking. It's just how I was built. :) They say you shouldn't wear anything whiter than your teeth, and I don't want to wear a yellow wedding dress, so whitening the chiclets is probably a good idea. :)

About the wedding, we still haven't set a date. He mentioned something about 2006, which I didn't like; however, 2004 is almost over, so I guess it's not so bad. I just SO had my heart set on August 27, 2005. Had such a ring to it. Not nearly as nice as August 26, 2006. It'll have to grow on me. I really want to have it in late August though. I know I've probably said it before, but I want to have it in summer so that people visiting the Island for the first time (i.e. The Boy's family) will be able to do all the touristy things, which are only open in the summer. Also, the weather on the Island is such that it's only summer for like 45 minutes a year, so you have to be careful when planning anything. :) That's why I won't even consider an outdoor wedding. Not a chance. There are so many variables and opportunities for things to go wrong. I don't need to add weather to the list.

Well, I'm getting tired. I think that's it for now. Tomorrow's Friday! Woohoo! Write more to me girlies. Let me know you're still out there. :)


Okay, I really have to get back into the habit of blogging on a regular basis. My sanity is suffering because of my negligence. And the sad thing is that I have nothing resembling an excuse.

Since I wrote last, I chipped a tooth, my great-uncle died, I saw my granddad, talked to my mom, and came to some realizations. Oh, and I've been reading the Harry Potter books. I can't put them down.

More in a bit.