Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Last weekend was pretty cool too. Saturday night, we went to Brantford Charity Casino, and took MS. It was pretty nice. I was the lucky one, winning 50 quarters, then 60, then 70. But ended up with nothing. Hmph.

Sunday, we saw "50 First Dates," which was a really cute movie. I love Sandler, and I loved the song he sang to Lucy. So cute.

I've finished reading, "The Gatecrasher." It took forever for me to get into it. Then, I got more into it in the middle, and I hated the ending. It seemed that she just kinda slapped it together. I really don't see Richard forgiving Fleur, after everything he'd been through. And leaving Lambert wouldn't solve all of Phillippa's problems. But what do I know? Nothing, except that I can get a new book on Saturday. :)

I've been scouring lots of wedding web sites lately. I'm my own worst enemy. Then again, he is giving me lots of hints and encouragement. For example, last week, he asked his mom if it would be okay for us to get married on the Island. She totally gave her blessing! I thought that was amazing! For him to actually bring it up, of his own volition, without me there, even. That showed guts. And dedication? Maybe.

He also called me at the office yesterday to ask if Charlottetown was commuting distance from Summerside, because he'd found a job posting for a management position at a Movie Galaxy store in Ch'town. Hm. That would be kinda cool.

I'm so excited to plan a wedding. I've got lots of things done already. Well, the planning bits. I feel a little silly though (okay, a lot silly). I've started planning a wedding, and he hasn't even proposed yet. JK says I'm just like Monica on Friends, with her big binder of wedding stuff. I guess that's okay, and I guess it's better than leaving everything to the last minute.

I can't decide what colours to use. I want something classic, and classy. I actually think black and white or silver would be nice! Very sophisticated.

I think the combo bar is a good idea. I'm not sure everyone will go for it, but I think it's a good idea. Just include two drink tickets, and the rest is cash. I think that's a good plan. Reasonable, and responsible. Hopefully.

I love the cake that looks like a stack of gift boxes. Very pretty/different. And I think an Xbox shaped cake would be nice for a groom's cake. I think he would like that... Or a camera. That would be cool too.

I just want to be married and start our lives together.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Well, Valentine's day turned out to be absolutely wonderful. But he still hasn't proposed. Hmph.

I set up a "love quiz" for him. He had to answer some questions (really easy ones) and, for every right answer, he got a gift.

1. What was the first gift you ever gave me?
(a) Josie and the Pussycats ears
(b) Quills movie poster - Correct answer, for which he got a bowl of candy: Nerds, Runts, etc.

2. When did we, officially, become a couple?
(a) June 2nd, 2001 - Correct answer, for which he got "Project 1950," a new Misfits album.
(b) April 25th, 2002

3. Who do I love most?
(a) Lennon
(b) McCartney - Wrong answer. Correct answer is actually (c) You. :) For which he got the Playboy book.

I was TOTALLY shocked when JK decided to buy it for EK too. I thought she would get all prudish, and say, "Ewww, that's dirty!" But she went all copycat on me.

Anyway, I spent the day preparing gift bags for everyone, with lots of nice candy and stuff, and decorating the apartment for his quiz.

He picked me up (I met him downstairs, he didn't come up), and we went to his parents' for roast beef dinner. It was REALLY nice, and everyone loved their treat bags.

Then, after dinner, he said that we wouldn't be going to Chapters because he had something else planned. You can more than guess what I was thinking was in store. But he didn't propose. Hmph.

He said I had to go upstairs and pack a bag with clothes for tomorrow and something I would wear on the beach in Mexico. But I don't have a bathing suit! He said, "You can imagine where we're going, can't you?" I had no clue. He said he'd booked a room for us at the Royal Marquis Hotel in Windsor!

So off we went. The drive was really nice. We talked about marriage and how we want our wedding to be. He actually agreed to get married on the Island! It was a major breakthrough! Then, he started making me feel bad about not having many sexual fantasies, so I got angry because he made me feel like a prude. Oh well. The good times couldn't last forever. Just kidding. We got over it and had a really nice time.

We were really tired by the time we got to the hotel, so we had a nice bath, went to bed, and watched an E! True Hollywood Story on Courtney Love.

Then, the next day, we got up, showered, got ready to go, and had breakfast with B. It was nice to see him again. He's a pretty cool guy. S was a huge bitch to me, but all nicey nice to The Boy. How transparent. Anyway, she was going to work so we didn't have to deal much with her. The three of us went to the Maple Leaf House for breakfast, and I can't believe how much I ate! It was awesome!

Then, we went back to his house and looked at pictures, and then off to the mall to get a gift for LL, ML and JL's little guy. We finally got to their house, and JL was at a baby shower or something, so I got to hold LL pretty much the whole time. What a cutie!!! He smelled like baby powder. Yum!

Matt showed us lots of pictures from their wedding, which meant I saw pictures of The Boy's ex. Everyone made her sound like a whale, but I didn't think she looked like it. I found it hard to picture her and The Boy as a couple. They just didn't seem like a fit. Then again, maybe it's he and I that aren't a fit.

Anyway, JL got home and we talked lots about the birthing process (yuck), and they showed us more pictures, this time of their honeymoon. Very beautiful pictures.

So, around 5, we left for home, stopping at Wendy's halfway home. All in all, it was a really nice weekend. But he didn't propose. Hmph.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

I'm here at work, alone. I hate being here alone! The walls take on a language of their own... they become menacing even. I hear sounds where I know there are none. Enough about that.

I finished reading Up and Out, and then moved on to Lost and Found, by Jane Sigaloff. I didn't like it at first (at all!), but now, after over 200 pages, I'm finally getting into it. It's about a 29-year-old lawyer, Samantha Washington, who accidentally left her beloved diary in the bureau of her New York hotel room, only to have it found by Benjamin Fisher, her soon-to-be soul mate. It's quite cute.

A nice discovery this week was the Starbucks on Upper James. Who knew? Now we can cut the weekly visit to Ancaster down to maybe once every two or three weeks. mmmmMMMMmm... venti caramel macchiato....

Oh, last Sunday was nice, except I kept thinking that he was going to propose. We went to the Imax in Niagara Falls, and then to Planet Hollywood for lunch. It was all really nice, really fun, and really special. Which made me think that he was up to something. He wasn't.

Valentine's Day is going to be somewhat of a disappointment. His mom let us know on Tuesday, when we were there for her birthday, that she's already bought a roast beef for Saturday's special Valentine's Day dinner, so we couldn't really say, "Oh, we don't want to spend that day with you guys!" So our romantic Valentine's Day is going to be spent at his parents' house.

Last night though, we were driving home from work, and he said, "I'm going to drop you at home, and then I'll go and get stuff for pizza." I went upstairs and noticed that he was taking a little longer than usual, but thought nothing of it really. Then, when he finally did show up, he had flowers and my favourite: Le Chinois. Yum. Orange chicken. He said that, since our Valentine's Day was going to be less than ideal, he thought we could have our own special night tonight! I thought that was pretty special.

I'm thinking that I'll buy him the new Misfits cd, and that Playboy's Anniversary book. I know, I'm my own worst enemy, but maybe I'll talk myself out of my slump. If that's what it is. I hope so.

I keep looking at "my ring." I go to diamond.com, and design my own engagement ring. How sad is that? 14k white gold band, with one .75 carat princess cut diamond, with one pear-shaped sapphire on either side. It's beautiful. And so unattainable. It's a nice dream though. And nice to look at.

I don't even know my ring size. How could he find it? He doesn't know what rings I wear on that finger, aside from "our" ring, which I never take off. I have to just stop thinking about it. I'm suspicious all the time, looking for clues... I just want it to be a surprise, but I'll ruin it if I keep thinking about it.

Well, he's going to pick me up soon. Survivor/The Apprentice night at A&G's. More another time.