Tuesday, June 29, 2004

So, as I was saying, we went home for a little while, so I could make phone calls, and he could relax for the first time in three months. :)

First, I called my dad. Voicemail. Do I leave it on the message? Probably shouldn't. Oh well. "We're ENGAGED!!!" I called my mother. Voicemail. Do I leave it on the message? Probably shouldn't. Oh well. "We're ENGAGED!!!" I called S&K. K answered. I had warned her that if anything happened, they would hear from me on Sunday. She was so excited to hear my voice. I told her, and she said, "Oh, have you talked to your dad yet?" I said no. She said, "He's here!!!" So I got to talk to my dad. That was awesome. He was so happy for us.

After them, I called C. She cried, and I cried, and we did the typical girl thing: "You're the best friend I've ever had. We've been through so much together." I asked her to be my maid of honour on the spot. There's no one else I want to be my MOH. She cried and said that she would be so honoured (he he) to do that for me, and she would do anything she could to make the day perfect. I was so happy that she was so happy. It meant so much to me that my happiness brought her such joy. She said that she and R are doing a lot better now, thanks to my advice. She said it really hit home, and they were able to start picking their battles more discriminately, and I taught them that they have to decide what's more important: Being right or being happy. I'm glad I was able to help. I know they genuinely care for each other. I hope it works out, for her sake.

So she had to go to her parents' and then to work, so we had to cut it off short. Then, I called Ci. She was pretty happy too. Then I called Aunt S. She cried. She was so sweet. She said, "Well, you'll have to depend on all your old aunts to do some of the planning for you." She said she would help in any way she could. Very sweet.

It's funny. Everyone starts off really happy but, when I tell them that we've agreed to get married on the Island, they get even happier. I remember what a conflict it was when G&L got married in Ontario. A lot of people were hurt or just plain disappointed that they couldn't be there. I don't want to do it merely to avoid conflict. I just want my family there. As much of our families as possible. Besides, his mom was totally cool with it, and she even said that we could just have a reception/party here afterward, for the people who can't make it to the wedding. Very cool idea.

Unfortunately, this means that we'll have a guest list a mile long. Like 250 guests at last count. (I've got three years of planning in already. Don't be surprised that I've got a draft guest list. That's just the beginning.) If I know anything, and I think I do, I would say we can count on about 150 people showing up. Maybe. I hope. Most of the Ontario people won't/can't come. Then, some of the Island people won't come. So say 150, roughly.

Then we called A&G, who were very happy for us, obviously. We decided we would go out for dinner, when they got back from their trailer, and we got back from the movie.

So after the phone calls were made, we went to see The Chronicles of Riddick. Hell, he bought me a $2,000 ring. The least I could do was see the movie he wanted to see. :) And don't they always say that marriage is all about compromise? I think I could get used to this! :)

By the way, why does the appraisal say the ring's retail value is $6,100, when it only cost $2,000? I don't mean, "only." You know what I mean.

So we went to the movie, and then to the mall. The ring is about a size and a half too big, so we went to see how much it would cost and how long it would take to get it sized. Meanwhile, I was wearing my promise ring on the outside, so the new one wouldn't fall off. :) The lady at the store remembered us, even though she wasn't the one with whom we'd spoken before. Anyway, she said the goldsmith is in Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday night and, if we brought it in on one of those days, he could have it done overnight. YAHOO! So The Boy will be home shortly, and we're going to take the ring there and drop it off. Which sucks. I hate the thought of being without it, if even for only one day. I'll get it back tomorrow night.

So. We went out for dinner with A&G to Montana's, and then to their house to see their new shed. Woohoo! Nice shed, but seriously! :) Just kidding. I can totally understand their excitement. I was just a little preoccupied. Anyway, A let us borrow his Weddings for Dummies book, and his Complete Idiot's Guide to Weddings cd. Should keep me busy for a while!

Which bring me to our first conflict as a betrothed couple: The date. He insists that we just got engaged, so we should relish in our new relationship before rushing into a new stage. Anyone who knows me knows how silly this is. Me? Take my time? Phut. Right.

But, again, any good relationship is built on compromise. The funny thing is that, when I came back to bed after I got up to pee at 3 a.m., he cuddled up to me and said, "I can't wait to marry you." And I said, "Yes you can. You want to wait." And he said, "No I don't. Whenever you want, baby." And I said, "How about August 27th, 2005?" And he said, "Sure baby, whatever you want. I can't wait to marry you baby."

I couldn't get back to sleep for an hour and a half.

When we woke up at 7:00, he totally denies having the conversation. Dammit.

He called me later though, when I was working, and apologized for kinda not wanting to talk weddings. Just said that he's been stressing for so long about it, and he wants to take a break for a bit. I totally understand, but it's hard to make him see that a wedding can't be planned in a month. Not the kind we want anyway. He says, "We don't have $10K for a wedding." I said, "We'll never have $10K for a wedding. Thankfully, weddings aren't paid for in one fell swoop!" LOL

So it will definitely be an uphill battle. That's cool though. I know he will continue to insist on a Halloween-themed wedding, and I will insist that August is the way to go, because then the visitors from Ontario will be able to see the Island at its best, instead of covered in a foot of snow. Plus all the tourist traps will still be open in August, but not in October. We have to remember that this will be a vacation for a lot of people. We have to make it enjoyable for them too! (As long as it gets us married in August at least!) He he he...

So I guess that's it for now. Maybe, since I started using the Hello photoblogging thing, I'll start posting pictures of things I want for the wedding, and get you to vote on what things you like and what things you don't like. That would be cool.

Then again, maybe I should start a different blog especially for the wedding, so then I can direct family and friends (and The Boy) to it. I think that's probably the best idea.

So, dear readers, we've turned a corner. I just hope that I don't turn into the bridezilla that I fear is itching to be unleashed. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Someone (I won't mention any names) had the nerve to complain that the other picture was "blurry." Well, how's this? Better? Good.

It started out terribly. Saturday night, at 10:06, The Boy said, "Oh, wasn't the guy supposed to call by 10 to confirm for tomorrow?" So I jumped up and ran to grab my cell phone (the only number I gave the guy). Sure enough, he had left a message at 8:19 p.m., saying that due to windy weather conditions, we would have to postpone. I cried. Hard. Anyway, he also said that he would keep an eye on the reports, and call us back at 10:30. I called him before he got the chance. He said that he was just about to call me, because it was looking like the wind wouldn't pick up until later in the morning, so we should be fine for our early flight. I cried out of happiness this time.

So we got up at 4:30 (had to be there by 5:45) and my cell rang again. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. It was the guy, confirming that we would be okay, and that he would see us at 5:45. Woohoo!!!

So I made sure to clear my camera's memory card, and then we were off. We arrived to find that there would be another young couple joining us (D&P).

The Boy and D helped S (balloon pilot) inflate the balloon, while P and I stood and watched. It seemed to take forever, just because we were so excited to go!

We finally got up there, were 800 feet in the air, soaring over the African Lion Safari, seeing the CN Tower in the distance, and I took out my camera. I snapped three pictures, then the battery indicator light came on, and the camera died. No warning whatsoever. That SUCKED. D said he would give us his business card, and we could email him and then he would email us the pictures he takes. I thought that was so nice!

So a few minutes later, I reached out to hold The Boy's hand. Despite the calmness of the flight, and the warmth and lack of wind, his hand was freezing cold and super clammy. I said, "Hon, your hands are freezing! Are you okay?" His mom had said the night before that she was scared he would get airsick, so I thought he wasn't feeling well.

He turned to me (he had his back to me), and said to everyone, "Excuse me everyone, for this awkward moment." I thought he was going to say, "Can we land? I need to barf." But he didn't.

He looked at me and said, "Remember, back in March, when you saw that ring that you loved..." and I started crying. Hard. P said, "Awww... take pictures!!!" So D started snapping pictures.

The Boy continued, "...and when we went back a few weeks later, the saleswoman said it had sold the next day? Well, it was sold. To me." I was crying so hard, I could hardly breathe. He pulled the ring box out of his pocket, and I couldn't believe it. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. He even had them change the band to white gold. So he passed me the ring, and I said, "You have to put it on me!" And he said, "Oh, okay, sorry... So, will you marry me?" And I couldn't speak, but I nodded my head VERY enthusiastically. :)

So I was able to enjoy the first half of the ride, and he was able to enjoy the second half. :) It was perfect. I wouldn't have changed anything.

We landed (roughly) in a gay campground. Literally. It was pretty cute. All these guys came out of their tents and campers in their bathrobes, and we didn't realize until later, when we saw the rainbow flag, that there wasn't a female in sight. They were quite shocked to see our balloon (rainbow, of course) land outside their tents. :)

We had champagne, coffee and cake. Then we drove back to our cars, and went on with our day.

First, we went to his parents' house for breakfast. His mom had decorated the kitchen, baked a cake, and bought us gifts. Everyone was really happy for us, and kept calling me their sister. Very cute.

We went home for an hour or so and then

More later.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

My beautiful ring. My birthstone is diamond, and The Boy's is sapphire, so I wanted both our stones incorporated. It's the exact ring I wanted, white gold and everything. :)

We're engaged!!!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2004

Sunday is going to be 21C, mainly sunny, with 10% POP, and winds of 10 km/h. For the love of God, please let The Weather Network be right for once.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

So I forgot to mention that, on Monday night, we went with A&G out for dinner to Montana's. Campfire platter = Yum.

Last night, we watched Next Action Star (if it's reality, we'll watch it), and went to sleep. I'm such a granny. He reads for a while, but I go right to sleep, at like 10 p.m. It's pathetic! I slept right through the night, until 8 this morning, and still wanted more sleep. I could sleep right now. I love sleep.

Anna was here for lunch today. I can't believe it's been six years. We talk online all the time, but I guess it makes us lazy. It was nice to see her again. And the pizza was SO GOOD.

I've made like 25 phone calls today. "Hellothisistcallingfromdmayispeaktoyourbookkeeperplease?" Man, accountants are friendly. Much more friendly than corporate buyers.

Tonight, we'll watching something or other and probably go to bed at 10 again. The Boy is going to finally list the bike in the Auto Trader tonight. I doubt he'll have much luck now, considering it's almost the end of June. Bikers in the market have probably already made their purchases, so I doubt he'll get what he wants for it.

All this in the way of saying that I don't think I'll be able to breathe until Sunday has come and gone. He keeps saying he's so excited that we can spend the day together, with no interruptions. So am I, baby. So am I.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Will I never learn? I opened the mail again yesterday, and it was the invoice. He made a purchase on June 10th, and put $2,000 on credit. This is gonna be nice!!! I wonder how much he paid in cash? It can't have been exactly $2K on the nose. And he still has a $500 credit.

I can't believe it. I'm in shock. Luckily, when I opened it and freaked out, I jumped online and Anna was here. She kinda talked me down a little.

When we were at A&G's on Friday, he and A were whispering in the kitchen, and then resumed loud "we weren't whispering" talk. I heard mention of the balloon.

I can't wait. I don't know how I'm going to keep this inside for four more days. Hell, I've waited this long, what's four more days? Watch, now it will rain on Sunday and we'll have to postpone again. I'll freak.

I can't wait to see. The sky, the horizon, the ring. :)

Monday, June 21, 2004

Friday night was games night. It was kinda depressing. J&C were all cuddly. G wrote "I Love you" on A's paper. The Boy drew a picture of A fantasizing about him, and him fantasizing about his Xbox. :P Funny, but he's always like that. I would like the "I love you" for once. I guess that's just not the way he is.

Saturday, he worked. I chilled at home, and watched Love Actually. It was seriously one of the best movies I've seen in ages. I love how Liam and Emma's characters interact with the kids. I love how, in British movies, parents don't seem to coddle their children, but treat them as little people. That's the best. It was a great movie.

Then, we went to his parents' house, and he talked to K's girlfriend the whole time. I feel so ancient. He talked to her about music and comics and stuff. I feel like such a granny, because I'm so out of touch. I'm only 27. He's only five months younger than I am. How is he so much hipper? Anyway, we went home and watched some Three's Company. Yeah, I know.

Sunday, he has his comic convention. He said it went well with Oni and Image. They took his stuff and said they would give him a call. So our fingers and toes are crossed.

While he was gone, I did folded two loads of laundry that we did last week, then did three more loads. I watched Man on the Moon (prompted by andykaufmanreturns.com), and Anything Else. On the MOTM DVD, there were some snippets of Andy performing, doing the wrestling thing... I'm one of the many who just don't get it. I'm also one of the many who don't like Woody Allen. No, that's not true. I liked him and Jason Biggs, and their twitchiness. I don't like Christina Ricci. Watching her is just painful, and not in a good way. So she kinda ruined the movie for me.

After those, I watched Sid and Nancy. Gary Oldman is pretty amazing. He could do anything, I think. Chloe Webb looked like Nancy, and was VERY whiny. I don't know if Nancy was whiny, but Chloe sure played that to the hilt. Courtney Love pre-surgery is funny as hell. I'd almost forgotten what she originally looked like.

So The Boy got home, we had dinner, watched Joe Schmo 2, and went to bed. At like 9:30. Absolutely exhausted. So I read for a bit and went to sleep. And that was my exciting weekend. He promises next Sunday will be better, what with the balloon and all. He said we'll do the balloon, then go out for lunch, maybe shopping at the mall, blah blah blah.

He did the "I love you so much, you know?" thing again. It's cute that he's so apologetic and kiss-ass-ish lately. It's like he's buttering me up or something.

I'm going to be so disappointed if it doesn't happen on the balloon. Please let it happen on the balloon.

Friday, June 18, 2004

So we're relaxing, watching tv, and B calls. He got laid off, so he won't be buying the bike from The Boy. Of course, The Boy panics. "Now what am I going to do? The safety expires in like six days! Why couldn't he have told me this before? Now I have to make room on the Visa so I can list it in the Spec or on eBay."

I feel so bad for him, but I don't know how to help. He won't let me pay for the ads or anything. Says all things vehicle-related are his responsibility, and won't budge. Maybe I'll just go ahead and do it anyway, try to sell the bike.

So. Anyone want to buy a bike? :P

Thursday, June 17, 2004

So, yesterday, The Boy asked me to print his comic lettering because D needs to put everything together and they're running out of time. It took two seconds to print it, and he was pretty happy. Problem was that all the bubbles around the words were all messed up, but I didn't notice, so I had to print them again and we had to go back downtown to drop them off at D's house.

Then, since we were out, we decided to do groceries at Sobey's in Ancaster for a change. I can't stress how huge a mistake this was. When we go to No Frills, we usually spend $80 to $100 on groceries every two weeks or so. Last night, we spent $194 and some cents. I almost peed my pants. We didn't even go crazy. I got some Ziploc containers for like $4.49, and we each got a magazine. That's it. The rest is stuff we totally would have normally gotten. I couldn't believe it. Now I'm going to feel like I'm choking on debt until I get paid again. Oh well. At least we've got lots of food.

So, of course, The Boy freaks out because he immediately runs a list of all the bills that we have to pay. Someday. It's not like they're due this second. They're due by the end of the month, so we've each got another cheque before then. We're TOTALLY fine, but he's the ...

I think I just got it. He's trying to make me think that we're in financial trouble, so then I'll be even more surprised when he proposes with a big fat diamond ring. Hm. Right.

Anyway, this morning, he drove me to work and I had forgotten to get change for bus fare for the ride home. So we stopped at a little convenience store on the way to RM's, and I only had a $20. I didn't want to break a $20 for a little thing like Rolaids, so I thought that I would grab cat food too. I thought it would be nice. Spend an extra buck, but save The Boy from making a special trip to the store later. Not so. I held it up to the store window, smiling stupidly, and he's like flailing his arms, mouthing, "NO! What the fuck???"

I have no idea what set him off, but I bought my Rolaids for $1.19, got my bus fare, and the evil eye from Mr. Store Man.

I get in the car, and The Boy starts reaming on me about how what should have taken 30 seconds took five minutes. I gave it right back to him, that he bitches that he's always doing things for me and I'm never doing things for him and, while it's not much, I thought it would be a nice gesture to save him from going to the store again, when we were right there and it was only a buck more than had he gone to the Frills.

Anyway, whatever. He was miserable. I shut down and can't even remember the rest of the conversation. I just remember not kissing goodbye when he dropped me off, and him not returning the "I love you."

I HATE when we fight. I panic. I don't know why. I know I shouldn't, because all couples have arguments and stuff, but I just... I feel sick, and agitated. So I emailed him a picture of me making a goofy face, and said, "How can you be mad at a face like this?" He emailed me back, and said some pretty nice things. He said that he's sorry he's been so edgy lately. "You must want to hold my head under toilet water until I die, but please try to refrain." Pretty cute.

So we're fine again. I wish I could just get through to him that we're in this together. His problems are mine, and vice versa. It's so much easier to get through together. Instead, he just bottles everything up until, like now, he's so miserable, that every tiny thing just sets him off. Then I set him straight and he's fine until the next time. :P

Anyway, back to work, I guess.

Anna: Happy now?

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

So I guess it's every man's dream to get a three-way. I was shocked to learn that it's not RA's. When C told me that he'd done it (not with her), I was very shocked, and more shocked to learn that it turned him off lesbians, because he felt like the odd one out. I laughed my ass off when I heard that. I thought that was pretty funny. So when they were here and we would make silly comments like we always have, he would get all angry and say it was so gross (unbeknownst to me, of course).

I told The Boy about this, just last night. He's been dwelling over it ever since. "How come HE gets a three-way and I don't?" "He didn't even appreciate it! I would appreciate it! Just once! Huh? Can we? Can we?" Yeah right. "Well, maybe we should swap then. Sounds like R's more your type."

There it was!!! I was waiting for it. It took a week or two for it to come, but come it did. I laughed, and told him to smarten up.

But what if he's right? I don't think I'm a prude, but I'm not all freaky like he is. I'm totally happy with vanilla. Sometimes with a few chocolate sprinkles on top. Maybe, like I've said a million times before, it's just my self-esteem eating away at my sex drive. I need some oysters or rhino dust or something.

I'm working from home today. Got Illustrator working, finally. Problem is that it's an older version than I was using, so I doubt my files will work. Argh.

I should probably get to it, I guess. So, dear readers, talk amongst yourselves. Your topic: What is sexy? Discuss.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Got my new computer. I can breathe now, and my heartrate can return to normal.

Let's see... Where was I last? Right. Ray.

Well, since then, I was working from home because my laptop died, and I was just doing the newsletter anyway, which was web-based, so RM told me to continue from home on Friday. Basically, my battery died, and then the power supply died. It was an old laptop anyway, and it had other problems too, so The Boy dipped into savings and we bought one of the extras that A had lying around. It just happens to be a Tecra, P4, 512 MB of RAM and a 30 GB hard drive. That should keep me going for a while.

Anyway, he was able to save everything from my hard drive, which was my major concern. Every photo we've taken since we got the digital camera, every song I've downloaded (legally of course) since 2002, every letter, resume, story, journal entry (pre-blog)... My whole life was on that hard drive. Thanks to A, it's now on this hard drive. The moral of the story: Back up. You don't think you have to, but think about life sans computer. Not pretty.

So Friday, we went to the drive-in and saw Garfield and The Day After Tomorrow. Garfield was cute, but would have been better as an animated short or something before a feature film. It was just kind of a really long short film. Make sense?

The Day After Tomorrow really creeped me out. Aside from the fact that, no matter what movie it is, Dennis Quaid's utter lack of acting ability always makes me snap back to reality, the premise was so scary. Just the fact that nature can do whatever it will, and there's not a damned thing we can do about it. That scares me. That's why water scares me. Not like water in a bathtub, but water in the ocean. :P

Saturday, I didn't do much. I cleaned a lot, played on The Boy's computer a bit, and then went to his parents' house for dinner. Then, we went to A&G's to drop off the sick computer and, we thought, to pick up the new one. Four hours later, The Boy and I realized that it was taking a hell of a lot longer to prep it than we thought it would, so we came home. I felt REALLY bad for ruining not only our night but A&G's night too. They were so cool about it though, saying that it was cool to just hang out again. It's been a while since we've done that. We're going to have a nice games night this Friday. That should be fun. We have some new games, and so do they, so it should be cool.

We came home, The Boy played video games, and we went to sleep. Today (Sunday), we got up and went to some cd/vinyl show downtown. It was a waste of time. It's funny because, as we were leaving the house, I said, "This is going to be exactly like the comic con: We're going to pay to get in, do one walk around the perimeter and want to leave." We got there, paid $3 each, did two walks around the perimeter and left. :) It was way out of our league. If we were collectors, that would be one thing. We would be willing to pay $300 for an Ella box set; however, I'm perfectly happy with the little millennium collections for $9.99 at HMV. I don't need Beatles hair pomade, or a Madonna napkin. I would like to find "Tell Your Mother Hello" by Dean Martin though. He sang a few lines in Ocean's Eleven, and I never heard it again.

We left the Ramada, then went to the mall to get a gift for C. It's her first birthday today! She's so adorable. Saturday, when we were at A&G's, we walked across the street to D&B's house, and hung with Jo, Je and C for a bit. When we first got there, Je brought C out of the bedroom to see us, and she was walking, holding her mom's hand. Well, I said hi to her and stooped down and held out my hands, and she came right to me! Je said, "Whoa!!! She's NEVER done that before!" Jo said, "She knows a Maritimer when she sees one!" (They live in Halifax, or Truro, I think.) Anyway, it was pretty cute. But the second she realized that she was in the arms of someone she didn't know, she reached for her mom. I was tickled that she came to me in the first place.

Anyway, we got her a little Joe Boxer shirt and skort set at Sears (thanks to my creative shopping skills), and The Boy convinced me to get her a Toronto Maple Leafs bib too. :P Jo loved it. Je loved the outfit, obviously. :)

So we hung out there for a while, mostly with Ja and L and B. It was pretty cool actually. Then, we came home, new laptop in tow, and watched Pitch Black. I guess part 2 is out now, so The Boy needed to prep me to see it. :P

I think we're all up to speed now. My legs are sore and swollen, M is curled up beside me, and life is good.

Oh. Forgot this. Something's weird here. The balloon trip has been postponed again. The Boy and D are going to Toronto next Sunday for a comic con, from 10 to 5. So he won't have time to do the balloon ride and then take me home, get D, and get to Toronto for 10. He had a good point when he said he wants to be able to take our time with it and not feel like we have to rush through it or anything. That makes sense.

I can't help but think that he's stalling.

Friday, June 11, 2004

When I was young and foolish, as opposed to old and foolish, I wanted to be a singer. I dreamed of it every night and, for a while there, it seemed like the dream might almost come true.

There were many singers I admired. Too many to name. I wished SR's ghost would come to me, of all people. And it did, sort of.

But I distinctly remember, a few years back, thinking, "I'm not going to make it, but if there was one person I could just sing with once... or hang with once... it would be Ray Charles."

He was one of the last, and now he's gone. It's silly to be so sad, because I obviously didn't know him, and I don't claim to be his biggest fan (I only own his greatest hits!)... I just felt like he was a fundamental link between me and my dream in some strange way.

I hate it that I'll never meet him, or Dean Martin, or Stan Rogers, or Waylon Jennings, or any of the other greats that aren't around anymore.

I know. "One day you'll all jam together," right? As for right now, the loss of the Genius of Soul has pricked my heart, and my soul, and my dream, and, foolish or not, it makes me sad.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Hot air balloon guy called and said that they're having the equipment recertified this week, and won't have it back by Sunday, so now we have to wait until NEXT Sunday (the 20th).

That's like someone telling you, on Christmas Eve, "Oh, sorry. Christmas is gonna be next week now."

I called The Boy at work to tell him, and he said, "Oh, that's cool. We'll go for a drive or something instead."

Drive schmrive.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Hot air balloon June 13th at 6:00 a.m.!!! Woohoo!!!

C called last night to let me know that she got home safely, and she said that the reason they were so quiet the whole trip was because every time they were alone, they fought. She was pretty upset. I felt really bad for her.

She said that they've got a lot to think about. I think The Boy was right when he said that the trip would make or break their relationship.

Monday, June 07, 2004

So Friday night we picked them up at Marineland. They had a great time. R went on a rollercoaster for the first time, and screamed like Mariah Carey, they said.

We went to the Hard Rock Café for dinner, then to the Falls. It was beautiful, but I was expecting the lights below to be a lot brighter. Then, we walked to Clifton Hill. C&R did Screamers. It sounded pretty scary. Then the four of us went to the Movieland Wax Museum. I got tons of pics there. Some figures were amazing, but some were so shit! Ace Ventura immediately springs to mind!

We came home, and Saturday The Boy dropped us at the African Lion Safari. I love squirrel monkeys and baby babboons. He picked us up at 4:00 and we went to Quiznos. Then we kinda drove around, took them to Dundurn Castle, the mental hospital, and showed them some sights.

Sunday, yesterday, we did Wonderland. I HATE that place. It all boils down to 10 hours in the hot sun, walking to rides, waiting in line for an hour, riding the ride for 2 minutes and doing it all again. I went on two rollercoasters. The Wild Beast was my first, and Ghoster Coaster was my last. Ever. I hated them. I felt like my neck was going to snap. I'm a swing, Spinovator, White Water Canyon kinda girl. We got totally soaked, and I think that was my favourite part of their entire stay.

They weren't very talkative, and I'd kinda forgotten how single-minded C can be. I love her to death, and she's my oldest and bestest friend, but she can be very nasty to her boyfriends.

Anyway, we got up at 5:00 this morning, and had them at the airport at 6:00. We had breakfast with them in the Corner Café, and then said our goodbyes. I cried pretty hard. I hate not having friends here. I'll miss her, but I don't think that that's why I was crying. I loved having people to do things with. I love The Boy, but sometimes it's nice to do things with other people too.

So they said they had a great trip, and would return the favour, next time I could convince The Boy to take the trip back home. I hope it's soon.

Friday, June 04, 2004

So I was working from home on Wednesday, and I was on a conference call, talking about revisions to the web site, when my cell rang. I put the guys on hold, and it was C. "Guess who's in Hamilton, four hours ahead of schedule???" "Fuck off! Are you serious?"

Turns out that they were able to get a direct flight, instead of one with a five-hour stopover in Montreal. Woohoo!

So I got off the conference call in a hurry, and The Boy and I headed to the airport. I almost walked right past them when we got there! I was SOOOO happy to see C. God, I missed her so much. (For those of you who don't know, C has been my best friend since 7th grade, and this is her first time visiting me since I moved here, eight years ago. I spent tons of time with her every time I went home to visit my family, but this is her first time here, and she brought her boyfriend, R.

So we came back to the apartment, and LG has been hiding ever since. The other cats love the extra attention, but LG is a terrified little guy. :)

The Boy had to go to work, and we wanted to freshen up before going to the mall, so he left. Eventually, the three of us (C, R and me) caught the bus to Lime Ridge. We went in, literally, every shoe store in the mall, and C bought a pair. We were exhausted after five hours, so we went home.

I hauled out the photo albums, and the laptop, and we looked at pictures for an hour or so. Then, The Boy came home and we went out for dinner to Montana's. G joined us, because A is in Michigan this week, so she was in desperate need of personal contact. It could have been nice; however, instead of trying to make conversation with our guests, she talked about her job the whole time. And people that we don't know. God I hate that. It's like saying, "So then Marsha said this to Jason, and we were all amazed, because you know how Jason can be..." Meanwhile, we don't know ANYONE she's talking about.

Anyway, finally dinner was over. Then we got home and I gave The Boy his anniversary gift: A Rubik's cube, with 25 cubes on each side instead of 9. I figured, since he already figured out the conventional one, he could use a challenge. :) He liked it a lot. I was pretty disappointed that he didn't even get me a card. I know he said that the hot air balloon was my birthday and anniversary gift, but I thought he could at least have given me a card.

When it came time for bed, I got out the sheets and pillows, and then pulled out the sofabed. I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed. You know how some stuff in your home just kinda disappears? Well, look under your couch. That's where it goes.

After I cleaned all that up, we all went to sleep to get a good night's rest for the big day Thursday.

Then, Thursday, I had the day off and we planned on spending the day in Toronto. The Boy had to work at noon, so he was cool with dropping us at the GO station. We figured out the bus/train schedule into the city, so we thought we would have breakfast. When we were all ready, we went to The Egg and I, and had a GREAT breakfast. It was really good.

We got to the GO station right in the nick of time, and took the bus to the city. It was pretty quick, thankfully. We walked to the CN Tower, and hung out there for like four hours!!! We couldn't believe how long we spent there! We were expecting to spend one, maybe one-and-a-half hours there. It was pretty amazing though.

After four hours, our legs were REALLY sore. We got Haagen-Daas ice cream treats (lollies), and sat for a few minutes. Then we took a cab to the Eaton Centre. C&R had a bit of a tiff I guess, unbeknownst to me, so he sat on a bench when we went into yet another shoe store. She was telling me about their argument when he walked up behind her, and I did the most horrible job of covering up that she was talking about him. Oh well. Not my problem. They were pretty pissy for the rest of the time we spent at the mall, but I knew they would work it out. Then, we caught another cab back to Union Station, and took the train home. It sucked at first, because it was rush hour, so the train was packed, and we had to stand until we got to the first stop. Then we got to sit on a cute little bench right by the train doors. It was pretty cool. They'd never been on a train before, so they liked it.

Actually, come to think of it, they haven't really said much about the time they're having.

The Boy picked us up at the GO station, and we went home to chill for a bit. Our legs were absolutely killing. We decided to go out for dinner and then to the casino.

No one was very talkative, which The Boy found disturbing, to say the least. He just can't handle when people are quiet.

Anyway, at the casino, I got $20 for myself and gave The Boy $25. I lost all mine in the slots, and he wanted to play blackjack. After about a half-hour, he left with $250!!! I couldn't believe it! He really burst my bubble when he said, "I can't wait to put this into my savings." I was heartbroken. Not only did I give him the $25 that he used to gamble, but he didn't give me an anniversary gift. I thought it was pretty inconsiderate.

We drove home, and he gave me $50. The big spender. :)

This morning, we all got up and got ready. RM told me that I would be accompanying him today (Friday) on three appointments, so I dressed up. When I got here, he said, "Well, I'm out in those meetings until about 1:00, so what will you be working on today?" I could have screamed. Why the fuck did I come here then? I could have worked from home if I'd known he wouldn't even be here all day.

Anyway, The Boy dropped C&R at Marineland. Pretty nice of him to drive them all the way there. They're going to spend the day there, and we're going to meet them in Niagara Falls for dinner, and then Clifton Hill. Hope they've still got lots of energy.

Tomorrow, we're going to the African Lion Safari, and I'm not sure what we'll do, since we've already gone to the casino. Maybe we should just relax, to make sure we have lots of energy for Wonderland on Sunday. That's probably the best idea. We'll see what they think of that.

Well, I should probably get back to work. I like the project I'm working on right now, I just have to get in the groove.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I keep having these dreams about rings. I had one dream that we were out for dinner, and the waiters gathered around, singing "Happy Birthday." I was confused, because it wasn't my birthday but, when I saw the cake, there was a ring on top.

C&R arrive tomorrow. We're both so excited to have them over. The Boy has so impressed me lately. He's been so helpful, basically doing all the planning for their stay in a matter of minutes. He's also been really helpful with cleaning too. The bathroom actually sparkles, and he's going to mop the living room and kitchen tomorrow morning while I work. I work all morning, then I go to the airport to greet them. R was also kind enough to give me Thursday all day too. So C&R will only be alone for Friday day. The Boy is going to drop them at Marineland before he goes to work (Very nice of him). Then The Boy and I are going to meet them in Niagara Falls after work to do Clifton Hill and dinner at either Hard Rock, Rainforest, or Planet Hollywood. Should be nice.

The baptism was beautiful. His ex was not. That made me happy.

More later.